Land or any other contribution is greatly appreciated.

A huge challenge in keeping our homes affordable is finding property on which we can build houses. There are so many deserving families who apply to be homeowners, but we are limited by the amount of land available to us. We are open to creative thinking from land or home owners and municipalities interested in working with us.

Land donations are often the linchpin that makes a Habitat home a reality – especially with the high cost of Vermont lots. We are willing to talk to you about selling or donating homes or land to us.

Please contact us at 802-872-8726 or email


A few frequently asked questions about selling or donating land to Habitat for Humanity:

What type of property are we seeking?
The most affordable property to build on is a lot on a public road with access to utilities; yet we are willing to explore any possibilities.

What if I own a small piece of land, but it may not be buildable?
Habitat works closely with local zoning and planning commissions to evaluate the development potential of small lots.

What if the property already has a building on it?
Habitat’s volunteer crews are experienced with rehabilitating existing structures or, when necessary, building something new.

Why should I donate land to Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity?
The most fundamental reason is the feeling of contributing to less fortunate families in building a stable life within the community. There are also significant tax advantages for donating land. Talk to us.

What if I want to help, but I need to get some money for the property?
Generous donations have come from home sales that are split between the donor and Habitat. It is possible that your home could make a good Habitat home just as it is. We would love to talk to you about this possibility.