Apply for a Home

Apply for a Home

Green Mountain Habitat For Humanity Family Selection


Eligibility and Family Selection

Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity builds homes in partnership with people. Applicants are selected to partner with Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity. Applicants must invest “sweat equity” into building their home. The homes are then sold at no profit. Each homeowner’s monthly mortgage payment goes into a revolving fund that is used to build more Habitat homes in northwestern Vermont.  To find out how you can become a homeowner, email the Family Selection committee Family Selection Committee.

Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity has three criteria for becoming a homeowner.

Need for Adequate Shelter

Applicants must demonstrate the need for adequate shelter. A home visit by Family Selection Committee members will help to determine if your current housing qualifies as inadequate. Some examples of inadequate housing are: structural problems (leaky roof, unsafe flooring, etc.); unsafe or inadequate heating; black mold, vermin or pest infestation; unsafe neighborhood; cost-burdened: cost of rent plus utilities (excluding phone) is more than 30% of family’s monthly income.

Willingness to Partner

You will be expected to provide all information in an honest and timely manner, to notify GMHfH of any change in family compensation or composition, to avoid new consumer debt during this process, and to participate in the home visit. Partner families are also expected to meet the sweat-equity requirements, maintain the home and property, and pay the monthly mortgage without default.

Ability to Pay

Applicants need to have the ability to pay a low, monthly mortgage. Since you will be buying your house from Habitat through a 25-year, loan, you must demonstrate your ability to afford the monthly payment. This payment will include the mortgage payment, real estate taxes and hazard insurance. You must have an income that is equivalent to 30-60% of the median income in Chittenden County.  We will help you to determine if this payment will jeopardize your ability to meet all other family financial obligations and expenses.

FY 2016 Income Limits for Burlington City Area

Source :

1 2  3 4 5 6  7 8
30% of Median $17,650 $20,200 $22,700 $25,200 $28,440 $32,580 $36,730 $40,890
50% of Median $29,400 $33,600 $37,800 $42,000 $45,400 $48,750 $52,100 $55,450
60% of Median $35,280 $40,320 $45,360 $50,400 $54,480 $58,500 $62,520 $66,540

Example of Housing Expenses with GMHfH


Expense Item  Monthly  Yearly
Mortgage $700 $8,400
Property Taxes $200 $2,400
Insurance $70 $840
                        Total $970 $11,640


Amounts are estimates only and may vary depending on home site and building grants. A current estimate will be provided at Application Meetings. These figures do not include utilities, trash removal, snow removal, etc.

Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity Family Selection FAQ

What does Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity do?

Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity (GMHfH) is a non-profit organization that partners with working families in Chittenden County to build and sell simple, decent, affordable homes. That means you are able to buy a new home, if you qualify, with a 0% interest mortgage! We use those mortgage payments to invest in more property so that we can build more homes and help more families be homeowners.

What kind of houses do you build and where are they?

GMHfH and our affiliates partner with families to build houses in Chittenden County, Franklin/Grand Isle Counties and Lamoille County. We build both single family and duplex houses, and have also renovated existing homes.

How do I apply for a home?

You will receive an application to complete when you attend an Applicant Meetings or request one from our office. Meetings are held and applications are accepted when GMHfH has a new building site and are ready to select a partner family/families to build with. We hold about one meeting a year.

You may add your name and contact info to our Applicant Meeting mailing list by emailing the Family Selection Committee Family Selection Committee, and then having a brief eligibility screening conversation with a Committee member.

Who owns the home?

You do! We are a non-profit that not only works with you to build the house but we also hold your interest free mortgage.

How are families selected to partner with GMHfH?

Families are selected based on three things: Need for better housing, ability to pay, and willingness to work with us to build the home.

What if my credit history isn’t perfect or I don’t have a lot of savings?

   That’s OK! We do not partner with families that would qualify for a loan from a traditional bank. We will check your income (pay stubs, SSI, disability), tax returns, credit history, bank statements and financial obligations to make sure that you can afford the monthly mortgage payment and that we wouldn’t be placing a financial burden on you.

What do I need to bring to the Applicant Meeting?

You do not need to bring anything to the applicant meeting. You will need financial forms like pay stubs, W2’s, and bank statements to complete your application. You will also need to be available for a home visit from Family Selection Committee members to discuss your application, verify your current housing assessment, and discuss what partnering with GMHfh would entail.

Please feel free to email the Family Selection Committee, even if you are unsure whether you are eligible. You might be surprised!