Board & Staff

Board & Staff

Meeting for the board of directors to discuss future projects for Habitat for Humanity


As a 501(c)3 organization incorporated in the State of Vermont, Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity is governed by an all-volunteer board of directors.

We rely heavily on volunteer leadership to manage different aspects of our organization. This allows us to have a lean staff that oversees daily operations and proactive initiatives.



Board of Directors

Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity is governed currently by a 12-person Board of Directors whose members serve for a term of three years. The individual terms are staggered so that one-third of the directors is elected at each annual meeting.

Habitat for Humanity is always trying to improve the community in order to achieve a better world.
Stuart Burroughs, President
Charlie Magill,  Past President
Julie Pierson, Secretary
Gary Frisch, Finance Chair
Ted Johnson, Marketing Chair
Dick Shasteen, Construction Chair
Stewart Pierson, Site Selection Chair
Jeneva Burroughs, Family Selection Chair
Dorothy Slack, Volunteer Chair
Jane Stickney, Family Support Co-Chair
Gail Vogt, Family Support Co-Chair
Scott Mccrae, College Chapter Chair

Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity currently has an opening on the Board for Treasurer.


Executive Director:  David Mullin email:
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Restore Manager Jonathon Goldhammer email: